7 Ideas for the U 2.0 Beta Project (GREAT STRESS RELIEF)

by De'Keither


Forget time. You have until you die to finish. The U 2.0 Beta Project is the next version of you. When you know where you are going your stress levels go down. Everything is always changing & improving, but how much are we as individuals changing?

1. First map it out. Dream & visualize your life. Seeing, doing, and feeling how life would be with this ideal you.

2. Wait until GOD has revealed to you each and every aspect of the person that he sent you down here to become.

The sum of those revelations should be the GOAL of it all. It will take you the rest of your life to complete, just enjoy the journey.

 3. Now take your blueprint and lay it next to you.

4. Identify the things that are going to be easy, hard, and down right rough.

5. Next, share this with every one you know. This will add accountability.

6. Enjoy the journey, live like you are sketching you masterpiece. Every brush stroke & detail, just the

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way the creator intended.

7. The goal is to be excellent not perfect. You can never turn a human into perfection. it is impossible, but we can be excellent. Do your best in all that you do. Day by & don’t look back.

 You can take an ordinary name like Billy, William, Donald, or Michael and do any thing. When you add Graham, Clinton, Trump, and Jackson to them you get an awesome set of very unique people who have added value to themselves. So you can too.

Start constructing your ideal you today.

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